Hello. Welcome to the Aggro Swag, voted best damn blog on the internet by Haggleman Mondays and Jeezy Sanchez, who were voted best damn bloggers on the internet by Haggleman Mondays and Jeezy Sanchez. It’s cool. We’ll talk about anything and everything here, including sports, movies, television, music, pop culture and and animals wearing people clothes. As you’ll see above, we only have one rule: we do not dance to Pitbull, and neither do you. Don’t do it.

So who are the radical rock stars behind Aggro Swag?

Jeezy Sanchez


Jeezy Sanchez is your mom’s favorite rapper. Retired DJ. Cat video connoisseur. I know more about Full House than you do. 4-Time Fantasy WNBA champion. Once beat Kevin O’Shea down Cherry Hill. He ate my dust.

Haggleman Mondays

I’m Haggleman Mondays. I like turkey, I do not like water. I go to law school to learn the laws and other important stuff about lawyerin’. My favorite movie is Drive. I have seen it 100 times and I will see it 100 more. Underrated three point shooter.


pope-mikeLCP here as a guest contributor for Aggro Swag. An avid sports fan, I have been known to sit through an entire Mike Francesa marathon. Dog lover and cat hater (sorry Jeezy). 1,000,000 beer pong wins and counting.

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