For Paul: Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh

Three Man Weave is a regular feature on Aggro Swag. Here, Haggleman, Jeezy, and LCP will discuss, well, anything. You’ll probably see a lot of sports, specifically Syracuse basketball, but nothing is off limits here. Except dancing to Pitbull. And Flo-rida too. Today, we have a special report card for Syracuse’s Big East Tournament Quarterfinal win over Pittsburgh. 


Paul Harris always wanted Pittsburgh. Despite the Panthers being pretty far down the list in terms of Syracuse’s rivals, Paul had them at #1. He craved one more chance to beat Pitt in the Big East Tournament. He never got it. Yesterday, Syracuse basketball got him that win he’s longed-for, beating Pittsburgh 62-59 at MSG. The Orange built an early lead and hung on tight after Pitt threw body blow after body blow (literally). It was wonderful. Join us as we break it down.

Michael Carter-Williams


Haggleman Mondays: A. He single-handedly won this thing. With 8 minutes left he hit the biggest shot of the game, a 3 from the top of the key that brought the lead back to 7. From then on, he got a defensive rebound, assisted Southerland on a 3, made a steal, a free throw, a layup, another defensive rebound, two free throws, and then a steal and two more free throws to ice the game. He finished with 11 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals. It’s gotta be the shoes.

Jeezy Sanchez: *Because this game against Pitt was #ForPaul, Jeezy handed over his report card duties to Syracuse’s own, Paul Harris* A. Damnnnnn son. [wipes away single tear] Y’all got me all emotional and s***. I’ve never beaten Pitt in my career. You guys did it. For me. I bet my life savings on this game. I’m $628 richer. Ha HA! That MCW dude can ball. He like me. Respect. Although I ain’t ever get an “A” on a report card before.

LCP: A. He made the impact plays down the stretch to win this ball game. When he’s a distributor and doesn’t try to go one-on-five he makes this team way more dangerous. Clutch free throws down the stretch sealed it for the Cuse and he was right in the middle of it. Never take those pearly white sneakers off!

Rakeem Christmas

HM: B-. He’s not getting enough credit for his defense. Sure he’s about as effective on offense as the guy who shoots to win the recliner, but he’s controlling the paint as well as he ever has and he was fighting hard on the offensive glass to keep possessions alive.

JSC. Plays great defense. Needs to pull his shorts up when he gets in his stance. Helps me defend better when my thighs are exposed.

LCP: D. He fouled out, scored zero points and had one rebound on the day. At this point, Baye is showing him how to do this son (Jay-Z voice).

Dajuan Coleman

HM: Why do we even include you at this point?

JS: You a big motherf*****.

LCP: He really isn’t Derrick Coleman’s love child is he?

Trevor Cooney

HMC+. He recorded his first MSG basket on a blind runner that had no business going in but hey he deserved to get one this season. He also wasn’t used as a pawn to use up fouls, so that’s a bonus.

JS: C+. Haha he remind me of Devo. He white too.

LCP: B-. He still can’t seem to make an outside jumper, but that’s ok because he somehow makes awkward runners now? He was one of the few players to actually attack the basket while he was in there and for that I give him props.  He’s well on his way to 100 dribbles this season.

CJ Fair


HM: B. He shot 5-16 but he was 3-5 from 3 and now he’s a 44% shooter from long range. This team could be really dangerous if they could find ways to make him higher volume three point shooter. 

JSB. Boeheim ran the same post-up play to CJ like 10 straight times down the floor. CJ needs to learn my killer crossover to break down fools when he gets it down there.

LCP: B. It must be so tiring being the only player on Syracuse who can create his own shot. He looked a little fatigued yesterday, missing a couple of shots he normally drains. I expect a big game from him Friday.

Jerami Grant

HM: C. His stat line is fun. Zero points on zero shot attempts but he did have one steal. That steal was beautiful.

JSD. I been in that Boeheim dog house. Stay strong brother.

LCP: C-. Listen to your friend Paul Harris. He’s a cool dude.

Baye Keita


HM: B. Who are you anymore? A dunk and an upfake layup? Were it not for that goaltend to allow an and-1 I would have given you an A. That was dumb though.

JSB. We are so similar on offense it’s scary! Power layups all day! That should be on an And 1 shirt or something.

LCP: B. I wish they had a stat for jump balls forced because he would certainly be up there. He is dunking and pump faking like a fiend. For a slight looking guy, he sure isn’t afraid to mix it up and that’s a true mark of a real Bayesexual.

James Southerland


HM: Lighter fluid. Remember in Wayne Gretzky hockey the net would ignite into a raging inferno at random times? They should do that for James at MSG. Stay hot my brother.

JSA+. He can hit from everywhere. Reminds me of my freshman year when me and Terrance Roberts broke into the dome to play “HORSE” and T-Rob hit one from like 6 inches behind the arc. Crazy skills that guy. Then he broke the rim and we got in trouble. Had to do Bernie’s laundry for a month smh.

LCP: A. Let’s just sit back and appreciate what he’s done the first two days. He is 12-of-15 from three and has averaged 20 points per game while only taking a combined 21 shots. I’d like to get him more touches in the second half, but at this point that’s just greedy. Keep firing Dirty!

Brandon Triche


HM: B+. Second decent game in a row, which was 🙂 But 100% less woofing, which was 😦

JSB+. Got mad props for you. Like me, you kept shooting even though everyone told you to stop because you couldn’t do it. They still tell me that.  Now you hitting some threes again. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

LCP: B. Like James, he had a great first half. Did his typical disappearing act in the second half, but you can see he’s starting to figure some things out. For a three star recruit out of high school, he’s had a pretty amazing career all things considered.

Jim Boeheim


HM: A+. He won’t tell a soul, but he’s long been tired of the losing streak to Pitt. The first half ball movement was crisp again, and we were able to free up Southerland through a variety of screens, double screens, and screens of the screener. This is the most incredible coaching job at MSG since Whoopi Goldberg in Eddie.

JSA. I got nothing but love for Boeheim. Little known fact that he filmed my 50 Cent “21 Questions” music video.


We like best friends. I come over for dinner like all the time and he always like “Paul, why are you here? Stop barging into our house invited. Next time I’m calling the cops.” Love dat guy. Thanks for beating Pitt everyone. Jonny says hi.

LCP: A. He finally did it! Pittsburgh and Jamie Dixon have been his kryptonite over the years and he beat them! In your face Pitt, you suck and I hope you never win ever again! [Phew that felt good]

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