Three Man Weave: Syracuse vs. Louisville

Three Man Weave is a regular feature on Aggro Swag. Here, Haggleman, Jeezy, and LCP will discuss, well, anything. You’ll probably see a lot of sports, specifically Syracuse basketball, but nothing is off limits here. Except dancing to Pitbull. And Flo-rida too. Today, we have a report card for Syracuse’s most recent game, a 58-53 loss to Louisville.

Syracuse lost again. Like the Marquette game, this was another opportunity to get a resume boosting win that the team just fumbled away like Baye or Rakeem in the post. This is still a good team who could easily have won two out of three in an almost impossibly difficult stretch, but man, right now they just, well, take it away Mike…

Now on to the report card…

Michael Carter-Williams

Haggleman Mondays: A Jump Shot. I would give anything to see him hit just 33% from outside of the paint. That’s not even very good. Like rooting for constipation when you got diarrhea. They’re both sh-t.

Jeezy SanchezO. “Oooh noo” is what you’ll hear from me just about every time MCW decides to pull up from three.  Even moreso when he takes an off-balanced, contested three at the end of the game with plenty of time on the clock and other quality options available.  These two quotes about MCW’s shot explain it all:

MCW: “I wouldn’t say it was a good shot, but I also wouldn’t say it was a bad shot.”

Boeheim: “He shouldn’t have taken that last three. He hasn’t made anything.”


Rakeem Christmas

HM: D. He’s not really helping nor hurting this team. He just sort of floats around out there like a magic box in Mario Kart, waiting for a catalyst to crash into him and turn him into a weapon.

JS: C+. He converted a dunk in the second half and it earned him nearly 100% of the playing time at the 5.  That’s where we are at this point with the big men. If Rak hits a jumper next game they will retire his jersey at halftime.

LCP: Didn’t

Dajuan Coleman

HM: C. He’s assertive on offense but it hurts to have your first game back against Gorgui Dong. I still think he can help this team, but time is running out.

JS: B-.  When Dajuan checked into the game, I thought Carmelo was running out of the tunnel based on the fan reaction.  He came in, attempted a post move, failed miserably, and was removed from the game. That’ll earn you some high marks these days.

LCP: Watch

Trevor Cooney

Chin up, Trev

HMA. I don’t know why he doesn’t play over Brandon Triche. He couldn’t possibly be worse than that. As Clark Griswold once said, “WORSE?! How could things get any worse? Take a look around here. We’re at the threshold of hell.”

JS: B. Nobody wants Cooney to succeed more than I do.  Our guards could literally be pooping themselves on the court and Cooney would still not see any minutes in the second half.

LCP: The

CJ Fair

HM: A-.  Not his best game but who cares he took 20 shots and it’s time for him to take 20 more than that.

JS: A.  I’d be OK with CJ shooting every time down the floor.  Even if he’s sitting on the bench.

LCP: Game

Jerami Grant

HM: AMBER ALERT. We may have lost him forever.

JS: ?.  Remember in the early years of Family Matters, when the youngest daughter Judy ran up the stairs in one episode and then was never seen or heard from again for five seasons.  It seems Jerami ran up those same stairs.

LCP: But

Baye Keita

HM: B. As in, he’s just happy to “B” here.

JS: D.  Baye followed up his near double-double at Marquette with the following series of events: Grabs rebound over the rim, passes up wide open putback dunk, comes down with ball, attempts contested layup, launches ball off the backboard without hitting the rim.


James Southerland

HMB-. If the game ever imported the four point shot idea from the Harlem Globetrotters James would spend his time doing that and only that.

JS: B+. In the second half, Southerland’s threes were the only reason the game was close.  He’s still trying to locate Luke Hancock though.

LCP: Didn’t

Brandon Triche

HMHe’s Old Yeller. That’s all I can compare this to. He works hard, says the right things, is everyone’s friend, and we all love him. But it’s over. I don’t think he’ll ever play well again.

JS: NC-17. No child should have watch to the torture that is Brandon Triche playing basketball.  A 6 p.m. Wednesday night game against DePaul is the most fitting Senior Day ever for him.  He came into Syracuse like a lamb and out like a sadder lamb.

LCP: Miss 

Jim Boeheim

HM: F-. Maybe the guards are struggling because they average 39 minutes a game. Maybe they just stink. I don’t know. At some point his loyalty becomes a flaw.

JS: Dude. The man used Demetris Nichols like a human yo-yo taking him in and out of games based on one shot.  Triche and MCW could die on the court and Jim would just squint at them for a while before telling Trevor Cooney to stay seated.

LCP: Anything

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